Fridays Fixins

Momma and I have been getting up at 4AM these past few weeks and going to get our full body workout in early!

Wouldn’t you agree that our dedication deserves a sweet reward? Yeah, well you and I would be the only ones thinking that way. Lately, I’ve been surrounded by parents who are dieting to lose weight and a partner who is strictly preparing for a bodybuilding competition. So, since my family can’t be persuaded to participate in sugary indulgence with me, I gotta get a little creative here.

Cue today’s recipe.


Four Ingredient Flourless Protein Brownies


These decadent flowerless brownies might even fool me into thinking I’m cheating on my nonexistent diet! Follow us on Pinterest for more healthy, gluten-free, paleo recipe ideas.


Recipe adapted from The Big Man’s World. See the full post here.


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