Why List With Us?

Selling a house is so much more than “filling out listing papers” and “putting a sign up.”  We believe that communication and trust is the foundation of all the other aspects of selling a house. When you are thinking about listing your house, we will talk with you, answer your questions and find out  your expectations. We will also discuss the market, and our company policies. This dialog should help you determine if we are the company for you, and if you are the client for us. We understand that we will not be a “match” for everyone, and that’s okay. If the “foundation” is not there, the listing should not be either.

You are more than “a number” and we are more than “just another real estate company.”   We believe in building friendships, and communicating with our Sellers.  Professionalism and excellent customer service is our goal, while providing personable, and sincere care for you and your listing.


Seller Closing Costs

Seller Closing Costs include the following.
(Other closing costs could be incurred, but these are the most common seller closing costs.)

• Real Estate Commission – Typically 6% of the total sell
• Deed Stamps are $3.70 per thousand of the sales price
• Deed Recording Fee $10.00
• Deed Preparation – Typically around $200.00 –  depends on attorney chosen
• Courier/Copy/Express – Typically around $30.00 per payoff
• County Taxes – These will be prorated
• Home Owners Association Fees if applicable. These also will be prorated.

In South Carolina  the Seller pays the real estate commission for both their listing agent and the Buyer’s agent. The commission is typically 6% of the total sell, but can vary. However the commission percentage should be clearly established with your agent at the time of first listing.

What are deed stamps and how does a Seller determine the price they will pay for deed stamps?
Deed Stamps = The transfer tax charged by the county for all real estate sales. Currently this amount is $1.85 per $500. So for a $100,000 sale the price the deed stamps would be $370.00. Or you could take the contract price, divide it by 500, and then multiply by $1.85. This will help to determine the amount due for deed stamps, payable by the seller, at the closing.

Home Warranty

• What is a home warranty?

A home warranty agreement pays towards the repair or replacement of any covered appliance or home system that malfunctions under normal conditions of use. Typically home warranty’s have a deductible of $50 – $100 per each repair. Most home warranty company’s require you use a repair service from a list they provide. Most home warranty company’s only cover the Buyer of the property for one year. Some allow for additional years to be purchased by the buyer.

Is it worth purchasing?

Yes! Mullinax & Dunn chooses to use a company that is NOT “like most” home warranty company’s! We choose to use America’s Preferred Home Warranty, Inc. Here’s Why:
1. America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) covers both the Buyer and the Seller! That’s right! During the Listing period, APHW will cover the Seller! We have had sellers have HVAC’s break, have plumbing issues, etc. and APHW covered most of the costs, believe us when we say our Sellers were really  thankful for the coverage!
2. APHW does not require you to use a repair service from a list they provide, you can choose your own repair person!
3. APHW pays for the repair fast, usually within 7 days! Many service repair company’s do not want to work with home warranty company’s due to slow payments, but they all like APHW.
4. APW gives the Buyers peace of mind, knowing that the home they purchase will have a warranty to cover appliances and home systems that malfunction for one year, and that they are given the option to purchase additional coverage if desired.

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• Who pays for the home warranty?

This is part of the contract negotiations. The Buyer or the Seller can pay for a one year warranty. It depends on what is agreed upon at the time of the Buyers contract. With that said, many buyers will request a home warranty at the Sellers expense.

Marketing Your Home

Selling a home takes a well thought out game plan. We will work with you to establish an effective one.

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What’s Your Home Worth?

Not sure if this is a good time to sell? Wonder how much you could get for your home? Let us create a comparative market analysis for your home to answer those questions and more.

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